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25 Mar 2011
Currently in love with the artworks of Jeannette Woitzik. She has some really dreamy works that just transports you to places. I particularly like this one below, because when I was a kid it's how I feel whenever I read books. I still do feel this way, actually:


15 Mar 2011
Here's the lastest from my creativity spree on Zazzle. Any comments?

11 Mar 2011
Hey people, check out my newest invites and announcements that I added to my store. Which one is your favorite?

11 Mar 2011
That's my first reaction when I saw this stream of book installations created by Alycia Martin. AMAZING. What effort! What time and dedication! Very surreal. I probably have had the same dream once or twice in my life: books were entering my life like flood, and I am drowning. My therapist would probably have a field day over that imagery :p

26 Feb 2011
And if you agree with me, buy this print from dazeychic!

23 Feb 2011
Stumbled upon this fantastic alphabet art made out of books:

And another one by Amandine Alesessandra:

Here's one made out of paper:

It's lovely how books and paper can be used to create a lot of other amazing things!

22 Feb 2011
Artist Mike Stilkey uses book spines and book covers as canvasses for his art. It is quite breathtaking and I know I would make a beeline for this installation if I ever saw it at a bookstore.