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14 Apr 2011
This amazing exhibition by Richard Wentworth is called "False Ceiling". (via)

I wouldn't mind having that in my room. Imagine, a ceiling full of things I love! Heaven.

08 Apr 2011
Not a Harry Potter fan, but I do love me some Penguin, and these re-imagined book covers are pretty brilliant. Designed by M.S. Corley. I like the colors and the vintage look.

05 Apr 2011
This is awesome. Out of creativity is born a book that not only tells of a great story but shows good design as well, courtesy of artist Alberto Hernández. "A hybrid novel...can be seen as a hybrid image-text novel, not a children’s book, graphic novel/comic or gift book, but a book where written text and graphic devices such as illustration, photography, information graphics or typographic treatments may interject in order to hold a readers’ interest. This combination adds interactiveness to the book and also gives the printed page a multidimensional visual surface. A hybrid novel is a kind of book that requires the readers’ actions and also to be handled and experienced. This remediation of Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde tries, by adding playful graphic devices to the original novel, to engage readers in a more dynamic narrative experience and help them at the same time to understand the story more easily. The results leave no space for doubts." (via)

Just look at the stunning images below:

View more here.

04 Apr 2011
In 2008 Penguin released new editions of all 14 Ian Fleming 007 books. The covers, show above, were designed by Michael Gilette. Check out this interview with Gillette about the work. [Image of book covers via] (via)

31 Mar 2011
Love these sweet covers for Italo Calvino titles. Vintage Classics is a paperback publisher of contemporary fiction and non-fiction. I love their collection so far, and love their approach to designing book covers.


14 Mar 2011
Via MonoModa: "4 of Jules Verne novel book covers were re-designed as a senior thesis by Jim Tierney during his University studies. Classic books allow for more personal interpretation of the topic as most of the people are familiar with the contents."

His work is really excellent! Below is his design for my favorite Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea:

See the whole collection here.