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26 May 2011
I am always fascinated when great artists and auteurs share that they like to read, or listen to music, or watch TV or the movies. It's a small personal glimpse into their lives outside the work that they do, and I am curious as to what they consume - intellectually, that is. I wonder if these are a part of what makes them awesome. Found via Studio 360:

"Recently, Kurt Andersen caught up with Steven Soderbergh at New York's Pratt Institute and came back with a nice little morsel — a list of Soderbergh's cultural diet, broken down day by day, for the last year...Turns out that Soderbergh is a voracious reader, devouring tomes by Jonathan Franzen, Barbara Kingsolver, and David Foster Wallace in what appears to be mere days."

See his complete list here (PDF). It also contains films he has watched.