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21 Apr 2011
Hey people, I've decided to make my foray into the design of other products. I'm guessing that lots of folks like iPhones, right? So, I'm going to start making iPhone cases. I couldn't decide at first whether or not to choose to make iPhone 3 or iPhone 4 cases, but I finally decided to design just for the newer one because more people probably have it. Ugh, I have Verizon, but I'm just too broke at the moment to get my own iPhone. Anyway, here's my first case design: So, what do ya think? I feel like I'm up a creek in terms of designing. Like I have no idea what other people want to put on their phones so I made something pretty general, but I still have hope that it will sell. I mean, what girl doesn't like flowers? Anyway, back to Photoshop I go.