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28 May 2011
If you know anyone who is graduating, loves reading, loves books, and most importantly, loves Jack Kerouac, then this might just be the perfect gift (via Flavorwire):

30 Mar 2011
Although I have qualms with the campaign title and copy, I still think these are amazing:

Yeah, I really do love Penguin ads. Via.

10 Mar 2011
These Penguin advertisements are really clever and creative! As you know I really do have a fondness for Penguin. Really excellent work from an ad agency in Brazil.

18 Feb 2011

(via This Isn't Happiness)

This is an advertising campaign in Brazil. Typewriters placed in computer department of bookstores to call attention to Penguin Classic Books. I think it's brilliant and well-executed; probably even better if they are everywhere. Am crushing on that orange typewriter, too.

View the full details of the ad here.