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06 Apr 2011
One of my favourite songs. Love this version by Peter Gabriel:

19 Mar 2011
Saw this adorable, adorable advertisement today. It's an advocacy to promote literacy in children. *sigh*

19 Feb 2011
Margaret Atwood gave a speech at the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference (TOC) 2011. Her perspective on publishing vis-a-vis the internet and other new tools is interesting; wish I could've been there to listen to this live. Anyway, here's a video of her presentation:

'Publishing' originally meant simply to make public. That meaning, and the processes and technologies by which 'publishing' has taken place, has changed radically over the years, and is in the process of changing yet again. The pie—the author and work, and the packaging and sale of the latter—has been divided up in various ways through the years, with bigger and smaller pieces for accordingly. We are now in the midst of the largest publishing changes and challenges since Gutenberg. How will they affect the author? What tools are newly available to him/her? One author’s view, illustrated with her own drawings. (via)

Found via The Casual Optimist. You can also read Library Journal's highlights.

17 Feb 2011

HILARIOUS. I've felt this way one too many times! This is genius.