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01 Jun 2011
Whoa, since my post the other day, I already made a sale! Hooray :) It is the best feeling to wake up and see "You've sold a product" in my email. I am so in love with designing. I showed my sister-in-law the artwork that I made for my bro, and she loves it! We're planning on ordering a few things that I created to give to my brother in a few weeks. I hope she keeps it a secret, so that we can surprise him!! Anyway, here's what I sold:

27 May 2011
I normally don't celebrate commercial holidays like Valentine's Day and Father's Day, but I've recently had a change since I found out that my brother's wife is pregnant. I'm so excited for my brother, since this is his first kid. In some ways, I can't believe that he's gonna be a Dad, but I'm still kind of excited for him. Either way, this year, I decided to make a few new Father's Day designs in honor of my brother. Hopefully someone else will like them too!

21 Apr 2011
Hey people, I've decided to make my foray into the design of other products. I'm guessing that lots of folks like iPhones, right? So, I'm going to start making iPhone cases. I couldn't decide at first whether or not to choose to make iPhone 3 or iPhone 4 cases, but I finally decided to design just for the newer one because more people probably have it. Ugh, I have Verizon, but I'm just too broke at the moment to get my own iPhone. Anyway, here's my first case design: So, what do ya think? I feel like I'm up a creek in terms of designing. Like I have no idea what other people want to put on their phones so I made something pretty general, but I still have hope that it will sell. I mean, what girl doesn't like flowers? Anyway, back to Photoshop I go.

25 Mar 2011
The month of March is almost over and I can't believe it! Since the 31st is right around the corner, I think it's pretty fair to say that this list of bestselling products wont change very much in the next few days. This is the first time that I've ever actually looked at the numbers for how many invites I sell each month. Anyway, this month, I decided to make a list of my top ten best sellers. I was actually pretty surprised to see what made the cut. Some of them were completely unexpected...Check 'em out:

10. 9. 8.

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18 Mar 2011
Here are two more of my most recent designs over at Zazzle. Any feedback?

15 Mar 2011
Here's the lastest from my creativity spree on Zazzle. Any comments?

11 Mar 2011
Hey people, check out my newest invites and announcements that I added to my store. Which one is your favorite?

02 Mar 2011
Hey there! When I'm not reading, I'm tinkering around online....Look at these new designs that I added to my Zazzle store. Let me know what you think of them!